Monday, November 26, 2012

Screeny v3.0.7 Pro

Screeny 3 Professional, the software for individuals, is a very powerful tool for professional desktop screenshots and videos, which you can hold everything from your screen as an image or video. Screeny 3 is the screenshot program for professional screen shots, even from DirectX games, with innovative and comprehensive recording and transmission facilities. Send your recording directly from Screeny by e-mail to your colleagues, or to an FTP server or save your recording directly from a PDF file with Screeny 3 thats no problem . What we have built as early as 2008 in our screenshot Blueshot software, is now available in Screeny 3: the Das Drag & Drop Panel. The perfect collaboration with leading Office programs like Word ®, Excel ®, PowerPoint ® or Mindmanager Screeny 3 is also ideally suited to deal with screen shots in your office environment. In general, with Screeny 3 do a click or keystroke to capture the perfect screenshot, the extensive settings make this possible, whether the effect settings, or target, in Screeny 3, everything is configurable, actually with only one click or keystroke the capture is in the ” Box "!

Capture a rectangular area
Take you exactly the area of screen you need! Of course, pixel accuracy and in no time at the place where you need the capture!

Capture a Window
Take the current window, and only that! You have to waste no time to cut out a complicated region to get only the window you need.

Capture a scrollable area
Do you want to store lists, websites, etc. as a graphic file? Screeny 3 scrolls automatically those areas that do not fit completely on the screen, making everything in a capture.

OS:  WinAll
Language: English

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Monday, October 22, 2012

3D Editor 2.0s

Create complex 3D worlds in a matter of a few minutes. Preview your automated worlds. See your creations come to life. A rich 3D library of 3D models is included. The Editor user interface is built from four views similar to 3D Studio max user interface. The application contains many advanced tools for quick and easy 3D modeling. Suitable for creating large environments and for creation of small models.

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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"3D Editor 2.0s" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

3D Editor 2.0s

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Spyware Cease v6.4.1

Award-winning Anti-Trojan to protect your computer from spyware attacks that can cause unwanted pop-ups, slow performance of your PC, or "withdraw" from the system any sensitive information without your knowledge, in the form of access passwords, credit card numbers etc! Protect your computer from various Theft-spyware with this utility, which is timely detect and remove various forms of spyware piece of code claimed!

Key Features and Benefits • Comprehensively Scan Engine • Real-time Safeguard • Effectively Remove Rootkit • Diagnose System (New!) • Check Registry BHO • Ignore Uncertain Items • Protect Registry, IE (New!) • Identity Passwords Thieves • Check Browsers, System Files • Detect Deceptive Malware • Block Pop-ups, Erase Tracks • 1-Click Operation • On-Demand Scheduling • Enhance PC Performance • Conserve PC Resource • Free Technical Support • Frequently Update Database • Submit Problems via E-mail • 100% Money Back Guarantee • Keep Networking Sites Safe • Remove Malwares That Eat Up System Resources • Improve Internet Browsing Safety
OC: WinAll Language: English

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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Spyware Cease v6.4.1" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Spyware Cease v6.4.1

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bunkspeed HyperDrive 2010 SP2 x32Bit & x64Bit

Bunkspeed HyperDrive 2010 SP2 x32Bit & x64Bit
Elegant, simple, fast interface that’s intuitive and easy to learn. Production ready for product, automotive and transportation visualization whether it’s for design review or for marketing communication imagery. Import, organize, paint, copy and vary your objects for visual decision making like never before. Presentation and decision based on stunning quality and realism has never been simpler. Render any shot or driving animation to photographic perfection on a single box or over hundreds of processors. Import large data bases and organize on the fly.

Drive is like a fine automobile, a high performance engine, supply yet firm suspension, a enveloping fine interior and easy to drive…fast!



• Elegant, easy to learn interface

• Duplicate or combine models and substitute parts for simple variant creation
• Evaluate multiple variants in different scenes, through different cameras and by creating multiple model sets.
• Single or multiple model formations to organize many models creatively and easily.
• Visual project inventory for data library management
• Full featured and easy to use turntable system
• Valuable interaction with HyperShot both incoming and outgoing

Advanced Decaling And Labeling:

• Digital Sticker decal system

• Stencil for any material
• Move decals independently from the surface they are "stuck” to
• Emboss and bump labels
• Add detail to a model quickly
• Multi layer decals for sophisticated texture effects
• Decal over multiple surfaces
• Decal brightness, gamma and tint control
• Single sided viewing


• Paint with physically accurate materials lit by accurate hdr lighting

• Real time metallic flake control
• Advanced texture placement and arrangement
• Color, bump,specular, Alpha and anisotropic channels
• Box, planar, spherical, cylindrical, radial, from camera mapping types
• Automatic fit to part
• All materials can be raytraced or exported into HyperShot


• Multiple real-time lights

• Point, spot and directional lights
• Reflection panel, bounce card and area lights
• Constant, linear, quadratic attenuation control for lights
• Light color, intensity, and temperature adjustment
• Toggles for on/off, and shadows on/off
• Raytrace or export lights to HyperShot
• HDR post processing of bloom
• Automated hdr exposure compensation based on distance to object
• Unlimited number of cameras in a scene
• Split views with individual cameras
• Export cameras to HyperShot


• Perspective and orthographic camera

• FOV or Focal Length sliders to control perspective
• F-stop or aperture setting for real time depth of field
• Camera twist slider
• Toggles to lock camera, allow under ground
• Follow and aim camera settings
• Standard views
• Dynamic camera thumbnails
• Unlimited number of cameras in a scene
• Split views with individual cameras
• Walk-around camera to evaluate a scene from a more human perspective
• Export cameras to HyperShot


• Simple animation of Models, Joints, Lights, Materials and Cameras

• Key frame animation, rotation animation, sequence animation and physics animation
• Innovative "3D graph editor” – animation ribbon
• Simple yet sophisticated animation time line form clip blending and timing control
• Auto key frame and auto time line end
• Automatic movie output to AVI
• GPU (Snapshot) or ray traced output
• Output format jpg, tiff, hdr

Pro Features:

• Physics based vehicle driving simulation and object collision

• Evaluate multiple vehicles simultaneously while driving with full physics
• Interactive driving sequence construction incorporating props or other imported geometry
• Flexible quality controls for both hardware and software output
• Formation tool for simple multiple product placement
• Bunkspeed Rays: Live Global Illumination and Interactive, Environment based shadows on the GPU
• Real time motion blur
• Multiple Model Sets
• Multiple Scenes



• ALIAS StudioTools, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, Maya binary, FBX, Collada, Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3DS), IGES, STEP, obj, JT



• Raytrace rendering with caustics and bounced light
• GPU (Snapshot) capture or raytrace movie creation
• GPU (Snapshot) passes to a single, layered, Photoshop document
• Automatic snapshot and raytrace to AVI

Bunkspeed HyperDrive 2010 SP2 x32Bit

Bunkspeed HyperDrive 2010 SP2 x64Bit
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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Bunkspeed HyperDrive 2010 SP2 x32Bit & x64Bit" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Bunkspeed HyperDrive 2010 SP2 x32Bit & x64Bit

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Antenna Web Design Studio v3.4.447

Antenna enables you to design and develop great looking professional web sites rapidly - without any coding or HTML knowledge. Using transparent layers, master pages and pixel accurate positioning, Antenna makes web site building a visual experience - more like using an art or desktop publishing package, instead of programming. Now you can concentrate on aesthetics and design - instead of spending hours just trying to make your HTML code work - have fun and make your site look stunning!

Key Features

Visual editor for Rapid Site Development
Drag and drop WYSIWYG - Pixel Accurate. Position items exactly where you want them to be. Customisable 'snap-to-grid' facility for easy object alignment.

Powerful Graphics Capabilities built in
Make professional web galleries of your digital photos with the Photo Gallery creator. Create high-quality button graphics and gradients with Antenna's integrated Button and Gradient Lab utilities - all built in, no extra software required.

Full Layers System with Layer Transparency
You can build your web pages in layers, place related items on the same layer, add new layers, overlap items and change layer opacity for translucent effects.

Include Pages
Include any page as a layer on any other page. A real time saver when you need the same items to appear on many pages - and any changes are reflected instantly across all other pages!

Design with Style - CSS Styles Editor built in
Perfect your look, and make sweeping visual changes across the whole site quickly and simply.

Rollover Buttons and Special FX
Shadows, motion blur, neon, water - all done visually, no HTML coding required.

Add Audio and Video to your web pages
Supports AVI, MPEG, QuickTime and Flash.

Object Properties Palette
No need for complex modal dialog boxes - modify items using a floating palette and see the results instantly. Very quick - once you know how to customise one type of object, you know how to customise them all.

Single File Project
A website is saved as a single file on disk - very easy to manage. Organise your web and move files around at any time without having to worry about broken links - Antenna keeps links updated automatically.

Integrated FTP Publisher
No need for additional publishing software. Antenna's built in publisher includes a 'Publish Changes Only' option for rapid site updates.

Multiple Languages - Site Localisation
All text and image objects support the facility to change their content based on language - so you can easily create and maintain multilingual sites from a single design.

Custom HTML
Advanced users can add custom HTML code and javascript, and even create completely new object types using Antenna's HTML plugin system.

OS:  WinAll
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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Antenna Web Design Studio v3.4.447" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Antenna Web Design Studio v3.4.447

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Iceni Technology InfixPro PDF Editor v4.17

PDF Editing Made Simple. For the first time it is now possible to edit text in any PDF document using tools familiar to anyone who uses a word processor.Easily edit the text in your PDFs, reflow and re-justify text, change fonts, colours and sizes. Resize, reposition and change images as you would in a professional publishing application.Infix PDF Editor is a tool that allows you edit PDF and text documents.To ensure your edited documents look their best, Infix includes the kind of professional-quality hyphenation and justification (H and J) found in packages such as Adobe InDesign and Quark Express.Coupled with fine control over letter, word and line spacing, you can be confident that your edits will be undetectable. Infix is the quality PDF Editor giving unparalleled ease of use combined with high quality text formatting.On top of its advanced text-handling, Infix offers all of the standard editing facilities you would expect such as page cropping, annotation, cut & paste between PDFs, graphics manipulation and more.There are two editions of software - Standard & Professional, both offering the same sophisticated text editing but with different levels of additional features such as graphics editing and template generation.

Key Features:
· Easily edit the text in any PDF
· Works just like a Word Processor
· Add & replace photos
· Copy/paste images, tables and drawings from other PDFs
· Spell-check in five languages
· Full search & replace
· Use tabs, margins and indents

Homepage -
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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Iceni Technology InfixPro PDF Editor v4.17" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Iceni Technology InfixPro PDF Editor v4.17

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Classroom Spy Pro v3.4.4

It is hard to teach a group of people how to use a PC, or even how to use a specific program on a PC or the internet. Yes, PC or web training isn't easy. For someone who's doing something right, there are probably two others doing it wrong, playing games, checking email, shopping...
Classroom Spy lets you see what everyone's doing - without leaving your desk. You can monitor the activity of all the PCs in your classroom remotely. Plus, you can share your screen with your students' PCs, making demos and presentations much easier.

Top Features
What is it useful for?
For monitoring and recording your students activities on a remote computers
For preventing internet browsing on remote computers
For starting and stopping applications and processes on remote computers.
For monitoring students in the classroom to achieve better discipline or, just to assist them when they are in trouble (by using the remote control feature).
For administrating all computers just from one location – your computer.
For presenting your screen to students.
For locking students computers while they are waiting for further instructions or assignments.
Helping your students by showing your desktop to them.
Turning off, restarting, .... remote computers with one click.
What are the major benefits of using Classroom Spy Professional?
Installation and use of the application is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed with a few mouse clicks.
You have complete control over what remote users are doing.
This application provides you with a live picture of the remote computer screens. The live screen (due to some optimizations) does not use a high bandwidth, but even when the lower network bandwidth is required the refresh interval can be enlarged using one mouse click.
You can make the presentation by showing your live screen to students
Application allows you to take over the remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
The remote computersґ screens are represented in the table with a customizable number of rows as thumbnails.
Using this application, you can always see which user is actually logged on to the remote computer.
Schedule remote computers desktop recording to AVI files
Execute several actions on all remote computers with on click
Block internet access

Main Features:
Displaying a live picture of a remote computer.
You can take control of a remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
More remote screens can be displayed in a table.
Computers can be organized in computer groups (e.g. classrooms)
A remote screen can be zoomed to an actual size.
The name of the connected user is displayed.
Record remote computers screens to AVI files.
Show your desktop to students
Power off, restart, hibernate, suspend remote computers
Log off desktop users
Lock workstation
Control screensaver
Block internet
Multi monitor support
Control over running processes
You can lock selected remote computers
You can display a message on selected remote computers.
When lower bandwidth is required, the refresh interval can be enlarged.
Automatic connection to a remote computer is optional.
Settings for the agent are encrypted and password protected.
Connection to a remote computer is password protected.
Access to monitoring the console is password protected. If more users use the same computer, different profiles and access passwords can be set.
More monitoring consoles can be connected to the same remote computer - you can monitor your students from different locations.
Application can optionally use encrypted communication.
Agent can be remotely installed.
Fast users switching is supported.

OS:  WinAll
Language: English

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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Classroom Spy Pro v3.4.4" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Classroom Spy Pro v3.4.4

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Arles Image Web Page Creator v8.3.0.2246

Use Arles Image Web Page Creator to quickly and easily create image collections on the web. Arles creates high quality thumbnails, modifies images and automatically creates HTML pages. You can fine tune images and HTML pages using one the many available options or use templates for full control over the pages. Arles supports 20+ image file formats and includes the Arles Image Explorer for easy image management. All image data is automatically stored in a database allowing you to sort, select and provide titles for all images on your computer. Text annotations, watermarks, image logos and image borders (incl. 3D, button and drop shadow style borders) can be added to all your images in a single click.

Here are some key features of "Arles Image Web Page Creator":
· Arles Image Explorer
Arles includes the Arles Image Explorer for easy management of all your image files. With it you can sort, select, rotate, crop and specify titles for all images on your computer. Image edit actions like rotate and crop do not modify your images, which means that you never will accidently overwrite your original images. Folder bookmarks make it easy to navigate to your most popular folders.
· High quality images
Arles Image Web Page Creator uses advanced resampling techniques, such as Lanczos 3 and Mitchell filters, to generate top quality thumbnails. Resampling is generally only available in advanced photo editing software packages and produces images of superior quality compared to standard resize methods.
· Image borders
Arles comes with a wide range of border styles, like 3D bevels, drop shadows, image overlays, masks and multi-borders. Shown below is an example of a rosewood border which can be selected with a single mouse click. Well... OK, I'll admit, it's two mouse clicks: in the Image Border window select Image Overlay > Rosewood.
· Image titles
In the Arles Image Explorer titles can be set for all images on your computer. These title are stored automatically in a database or in the file itself (using IPTC).
For the image galleries titles you can either select a predefined type, like the file name, or take full control by using title tags. With title tags, like or , you can insert image file information like file name, size, date, image height, or any IPTC or EXIF field. Arles will automatically replace the tags with the correct information when generating galleries.
· Image text labels and logos
Arles Image Web Page Creator can automatically add text labels or image logos to all your images. Adding a copyright statement, or any other user defined text, makes the image less useful for copying. The text labels on the images can be transparent, rotated or embedded as a watermark.
· Movie support
With Arles you can create galleries with movies. The generated movie thumbnails can link either directly to the movie file or a webpage with an embedded movie. The built-in Select Movie Frame tool allows you to specify what frame you want Arles to use to generate the thumbnail.
· Special effects
Auto-scrolling galleries, slideshows, exact placed and multi-size thumbnails, a gallery of websites or a random rotation effect; it is all possible.
· Multi folder processing
The Multi-folder Processing tool generates a complete folder structure in one click. In the Arles Image Explorer you can select a default image for each folder - which will be used to generate subcategory thumbnails - or specify a custom folder style, in case you want some folders to have a different look.
· Multi-threaded publishing
The Publish Files utility is multi-threaded, which means it uploads multiple files in parallel, thus greatly reducing the time required to publish your image galleries to the webserver. It also supports synchronisation to make sure only modified files are uploaded.
Any IPTC or EXIF field can be embedded in the galleries and the Arles Image Explorer can sort on or show any of those fields in the grid. The IPTC editor allows editing IPTC information for multiple files.
· More features
There are many more features besides the ones mentioned above. Advanced users can, for example, take advantage of Templates, Custom HTML and Thumbnail tags for full control over the look and layout of the generated webpages. Or use title tags to automatically insert any image information in the generated galleries or on the image itself.

OS: WinAll
Language: English

Arles Image Web Page Creator v8.3.0.2246
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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Arles Image Web Page Creator v8.3.0.2246" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Arles Image Web Page Creator v8.3.0.2246

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0d Build 232

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0d Build 232 | 47.49 MB

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio - is a powerful and easy to use digital audio editor, which includes a set of tools designed to work with sound. With this program you will be able to effectively handle audio files, edit samples, record sounds, apply lots of effects on the recording, encode audio data, convert audio files from one format to another, and much more.

Simple interface:

Editing drag-and-drop
Use basic commands Cut, Copy, and Paste
Streamlined Interface

Live recording:

Record vocals, keyboards, guitars - virtually any instrument
Voice recording for the video track
Monitoring audiourovney in real time

Mixing and effects:

Mixing audio tracks, balancing the level and create your own faders
Over 30 effects: EQ, reverb, delay and chorus
More than 1,001 audio effects

Powerful editing tools:
Remove clicks, noise and other extraneous noises record
Setting audiourovney, removing unnecessary parts math problem and other
Synchronization of audio and video
Exporting and recording on CD:
Transfer works on MP3 for playback on mobile devices
Burn to CD
Translation finished projects online


Easy to use tools audioredaktirovaniya
Burn to CD
Synchronization of audio and video
Assembling and processing in the present tense
More than 30 effects
Automated file format encoding
Interactive Assistant

Install the program.
Make sure that the program is not running
Run the k****n (in Vista and Seven on behalf of the administrator)
Select the product that you want to register
Click the p**ch and select the folder in which By enabling program (for example C: \ Program Files \ Sony \ Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9)
Now you can run the program.
Get the registration window. Generating keys in keygene (codes work in pairs)
After entering the key, select activation from another computer.

Year: 2010
Language: English
Medician: Yes
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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0d Build 232" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0d Build 232

Trinigy Vision Engine 8.0.2

Optimized for Performance and Flexibility

Vision Engine 8 provides a powerful and versatile multi-platform runtime technology ideally suited for all types of games and capable of rendering extremely complex scenes at smooth frame rates. Providing a well-designed, clean and object-oriented C++ API, the technology includes a wide variety of features that break through technical barriers and open up a range of possibilities for game developers.

Large, Fully Customizable Feature Set

Engineered with creative and technical freedom in mind, the Vision Engine allows you to easily create your own rendering pipeline, integrate the physics system of your choice, or write your own animation code. Additionally, Trinigy´s game engine provides a large set of convenient high-level and low-level helper classes to make customization as easy as possible.

At the same time, an extensive set of out-of-the-box features reduces the development time and cost of your project. Lights and shadows, radiosity, animations, normal maps, particles, post-processing and much more - all these features are right at your fingertips once you have installed the Vision SDK.

High-Performance, Highly Stable Rendering

The Vision Engine´s rendering core has been designed for performance and stability, allowing highly detailed, realistic scenes to be rendered with maximum visual fidelity.

Shipped with complete source code, the default rendering pipeline serves as an ideal starting point for your game project, providing an extensive set of fully integrated features such as:

Normal maps, specular color and specular exponent maps, and virtual displacement maps
Radiosity-based, normal-mapped illumination with light grid and light maps
Dynamic illumination with advanced dynamic shadowing techniques, configurable attenuation, projected lights, and much more
Shadow maps, variance shadow maps, and cascaded shadow maps
Powerful multi-threaded particle engine
Overlay and GUI rendering
HDR and post-processing
Efficient instancing system for static and dynamic geometry
Powerful large terrain solution for vast, streamed landscapes, including Level of Detail support, holes in terrain, and seamless integration with complex indoor scenes.

The Vision Engine uses a combination of efficient visibility culling techniques - including hardware occlusion query, portals, and quadtrees/octrees - to achieve consistently high frame rates.

Engine Extensibility

The SDK ships with many plug-ins that extend the core engine´s feature set. These plug-ins can easily be customized and extended and include:

Physics bindings, i.e. the Vision Engine´s own physics system can easily be replaced by 3rd party physics using the game engine´s physics interface

Other 3rd party middleware integrations such as Kynapse AI or IDV SpeedTree
Advanced visual effects such as volumetric lights and volumetric shadows
Particle and cloth simulation including forces, many emitter types, customizable constraint types, and collision geometry
Cinematic playback
Sound modules with full support for 3D sound and sound occlusion as well as streaming on all platforms.
A comprehensive LUA-based scripting solution, which is fully integrated into the SDK´s WYSIWYG workflow.

Powerful Animation

The Vision Engine´s powerful animation system provides support for many of the animation methods in Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya. Optimized quaternion-based skeletal animations, morphing deformers, and vertex animations provide the basis for smooth, lifelike character animations. Skeletons and animation setups can be shared across meshes in order to save memory, while the sharing of animation results across entities allows for high-performance mass scenes with little performance impact.

Fully configurable animation trees makes dynamic layering and blending of arbitrary animations extremely easy. In keeping with the philosophy of creative and technical freedom, the Vision Engine additionally allows you to define your own vertex and bone modifiers, resulting in an extremely flexible animation setup.

Depending on the requirements of your game, animation can either be performed on the CPU, the GPU or the PlayStation 3´s SPUs, with many platform-specific optimizations ensuring optimal performance characteristics.

Customizable Streaming

The Vision Engine provides a powerful yet easily customizable streaming solution that is an ideal solution for vast yet highly detailed landscapes and large indoor/outdoor environments. Almost all resource types can be streamed in the background, including geometries, terrain, textures, shader libraries, animations, and much more.

Streaming is fully integrated into the Vision Engine´s scene editor, vForge, with its completely intuitive WYSIWYG workflow.

Optimized Platform Performance

The Vision Engine has been designed to provide exceptional high performance with a small memory footprint on all supported hardware platforms. A hand-tuned system of platform-specific optimizations ensures that both modern PCs and game consoles realize their maximum potential. Among the features accounting for the Vision Engine´s high performance are:

Batching of primitives and elimination of redundant state changes

Scalable effects and Level of Detail
Efficient visibility culling system
CPU-specific optimizations (ISSE, 3DNow!, AltiVec)
GPU-specific optimizations (memory export, vertex fetch, instancing, etc.)
Efficient cross-platform multi-threading architecture makes it possible to fully utilize the potential of current and future multi-core platforms, including multi-core PCs, Xbox360, and PlayStation 3.

The game engine´s multi-threading systems allow easy distribution of computing tasks across multiple CPUs/SPUs or hardware threads with very little overhead, thus taking full advantage of modern symmetric and asymmetric multi-core processors. Demo applications based on the Vision Engine have been chosen by Intel to demonstrate the performance benefits of computers with four and more CPU cores, yielding an almost linear performance gain.

In order to facilitate game-specific memory and performance optimizations, the Vision Engine ships with a convenient runtime profiling framework and provides a powerful resource management and analysis system. Performance bottlenecks can be easily identified and removed, while unused resources can be automatically purged and recreated.


Video Tutorials:

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='' /></a>

How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Trinigy Vision Engine 8.0.2" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Trinigy Vision Engine 8.0.2

Monday, October 1, 2012

Portrait Professional 9.5.2

Portrait Professional 9.0 | 26.26MB | HF-ES-RS-DF
Portrait Professional 9 is new portrait airbrushing software that has been "trained" in human beauty. Exceptionally fast and easy to use, and capable of the highest quality touch up, it lets you improve your photos instantly, just by moving sliders.

With Portrait Professional, it's incredibly fast and easy for any photographer to enhance all aspects of the face and hair of the subject:
• Fix skin blemishes such as spots or pimples in a fraction of the time that conventional touch up software would require
• Reduce and/or remove wrinkles
• Remove grease, sweat or unsightly shine from the skin
• Subtly reshape all or any aspect of the face to reduce the apparent weight of the subject or make the face more attractive
• Enhance the eye and mouth shape color and sharpness
• Automatically smooth, recolor and thicken the subject's hair
• Adjust the lighting on the face to make it more flattering or remove shadows from hats

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

RandomControl ARION (Multi-GPU + Net Rendering) x32Bit & x64Bit With All Platform Plugins

RandomControl ARION (Multi-GPU + Net Rendering) x32Bit & x64Bit With All Platform Plugins

At RandomControl we're resolute to pioneer the next step in light simulation. To this end we have taken all the expertise we have gathered in the making of our flagship product fryrender and worked on an entirely new technology designed to produce comparable output, but using every single computing device at your disposal. Arion makes use of our novel proprietary multi-CPU / multi-GPU / multi-IP interactive rendering technology.

What is Arion?

Arion is the hybrid-accelerated and physically-based light simulator developed by RandomControl. It inherits all our expertise in light simulation and makes it run on steroids, thanks to our very unique approach to massive CPU+GPU+LAN computation.

Arion is:
an interactive WYSIWYG editing application.
a super-high performance production renderer.

Some facts about Arion

Uses all the GPUs -and- CPUs in your system simultaneously.
Plugging an extra GPU delivers an immediate performance boost.
20x to 100x speed up per machine (hardware-dependent).
Strictly physically-based.
Fully unbiased (no cheats, no shortcuts).
Does not need any kind of precomputations.
Easy-to-use interactive WYSIWYG editing app.
The real-time viewport -is- final quality.
Production render engine features (commandline renderer, compositing channels, etc...)
Compatible with NetWarrior for hyper-fast cooperative still frame and animation rendering.

RandomControl ARION x32Bit

RandomControl ARION x64Bit

RandomControl ARION All Platform Plugins

RandomControl NetWarrior x64Bit

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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"RandomControl ARION (Multi-GPU + Net Rendering) x32Bit & x64Bit With All Platform Plugins" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

RandomControl ARION (Multi-GPU + Net Rendering) x32Bit & x64Bit With All Platform Plugins

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Download Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 free

The most powerful website designing and editing platform is available for you in just a few clicks. Discover the benefits of having Adobe Dreamweaver to convert your projects into colorful and professional products.

With this powerful wizard you can dive deeper in working with Internet portals of any type, whether you are an expert in HTML and FLASH, as if you have not had access or practice in the management of these programming languages.

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 11.4.909 

Using predesigned templates, you can easily create menus, backgrounds, banners, frames, objects, photo galleries, animations, audio and video players for media streaming. Additionally, Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to create different effects for buttons, graphics and elements in your online projects.

Develop your ideas and improve in big leaps the content design for the Web with the help of this tool. Download Adobe Dreamweaver now!

Trial Version Limitations:

- You will be able to use it only for 30 days.

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Download Immersive Explorer free

For browsing and managing files in your system, you might need to consider using Immersive Explorer. The software brings a whole new style when it comes to managing your files. This style is the metro tiles that you can see in Windows 8.
Installation of Immersive Explorer is very simple and the application will let you manage all sorts of files regardless of format. You will still be able to create new folders and delete the ones you do not want anymore in that interface. Other actions that you expect from a file manager are present as well.
Some of these actions include the copying of files and creation of new directories. In terms of size, the software is very small. Immersive Explorer is certainly one of the best software in its category.
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Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator - software for screen capture in order to create, based on Flash, tutorials for software applications, online learning and product presentations on the Internet by recording user actions from the monitor screen. The program is so convenient that there is no need of programming knowledge, and especially multimedia applications. With this program you will significantly improve the performance of manufacturing and presentations, however, the effectiveness of education presents the software.

The program has a built-in system that allows the use of the captured objects, immediately after the seizure, add annotation and clicking on the areas for recording the screen automatically when being recorded. Moreover, you can improve your own presentations, adding interactive elements such as: call, notes, highlighting, button, animation, images, text support and much more. You can also publish your show in various formats for different application fields, such as: visual online help, web courses, etc.
• Record video with full motion; • Record a few mouse clicks; • You can add descriptions, footnotes, animations to make learning more interesting movie; • You will be able to spread videos in format Flash, burn a CD with a startup or EXE, send an e-mail; • Publish videos in AVI format for Youtube, Myspace, etc.; • Create online courses for learning.
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OS: WinAll Language: English

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How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
"Wondershare DemoCreator" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free!

Wondershare DemoCreator

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