Friday, August 31, 2012 TheSoundBank Vol 1-2-3 WuiskPACK ASSiGN

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The idea behind TSB is to have single-layer presets featuring SFZ based multi-layer sampled sounds. CPU usage is very reduced by using only one layer per preset. Also, another idea is to have bread-and-butter sounds for any style of music.

2.Run Wusik Station.
3.Drug & Drop WusikPACK to Wusik Station.

Download from Hotfile

Download from Uploading

How to download:

Free register to download UseNet downloader and install, then search
" TheSoundBank Vol 1-2-3 WuiskPACK ASSiGN" and start downloading.
You can DOWNLOAD 300GB for free! TheSoundBank Vol 1-2-3 WuiskPACK ASSiGN

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