Monday, July 2, 2012

Japan & Korea AI-PSD-Photo DVD01 & DVD02

Japan & Korea AI-PSD-Photo DVD01 & DVD02
Ai | PSD
DVD01| 159 Ai + 43 PSD
DVD02 |51 Ai + 31 PSD
Ultra high compreses pack by pasha

This collection consists of a full range of library material that is more artistic and practical, responsible are 100% Japanese and South Korean Graphic Designer Masters, the result is a rare treasure!

This set of material comes in 12 DVD discs accompanied with a full-color printing e-catalog and brochure to help with browsing through this massive collection of beautiful artwork. Element formats are AI, PSD layered ultra high-definition, in line with a variety of printing requirements.

Content (the latest PSD-AI brushes, ink dye, Shuahen, the latest PSD-AI patterns, dream lace, Symphony pattern, the latest PSD-AI wedding, wedding, couples, the latest PSD-AI Symphony fringe business plans, etc.)

This collection of elements can be useful for a broad range of applications including: print ad design, web design, sharp inkjet, photo studio, to walls, wallpaper, fabrics, towels, textiles, curtains, furniture, tiles, flooring, ceilings, blankets, tea, etc .. as you can see.. this can be a huge money-maker or if you're like me, an art connoisseur, to add to your Computer Art

Download Japan & Korea AI-PSD-Photo: DVD01 | 1.68 GB | unrar 3.46 GB


Download Japan & Korea AI-PSD-Photo: DVD02 | 2.14 GB | unrar 4.13 GB


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