Saturday, July 14, 2012

TwProject Open Lab Teamwork v4.4 build 15100 For Windows/MacOSX

Teamwork is a proven, reliable and friendly web based software solution for managing work and communication in any field. Groupware and project management features are used in an integrated environment, from which you can coordinate and manage hundreds of projects at once. Teamwork is easy to use, so that an extended team can contribute; it is also capable of handling complex projects. Teamwork software is unique as projects get easily handled in a collaborative web environment.

Main features:
» Project Management with Teamwork
» Keeping track of projects evolution in time
» Add and manage your issues
» Keep group in synch with a team agenda and meetings
» Link projects to documents without moving your files
» Search anywhere from everywhere
» Search and saveable filters
» Tree structure always surfable
» Contextual menus
» Dynamic zooms and time bars
» Bookmarks and recent pages
» Resource planning

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